The TC Ceramic is an acrylic coating coming from a technology developed by the NASA. It is composed of a high quality acrylic liquid loaded with ceramic fragments and micro hollow glass balls. The coating enables to insulate thermically and acoustically your installations.


Used in

  • Roofs insulation, walls and industrial halls
  • Protection of personnel, pipes and valves in a steam or cryogenic environment.
  • Tanks insulation


We train applicators and certify them as approved applicators by Capstone. We ensure this way the efficiency of the application, the management of the manufacturer-guarantee and the durability of the coating. We define with you the best way to insulate your equipment and we can contact our network of approved applicators who will take the painting in charge. Our product brings an innovative solution to energy loss issues, corrosion and rust formation under the insulation, burn, condensation, noise…

Do the applicator training

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Become a retailer

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Success stories

  • Ice rink
  • Refrigerated truck
  • paper mill company
  • Beer manufacturer
  • Tunnel roof