How can a coating be a thermal insulator ?

The heat spreads in 3 different ways :

1. Conduction is the energy transfer through a solid. Some materials transfer calories more easily than others (for example metal conducts more easily the energy than rubber).










2. Convection is the energy transfer in a liquid or in a gas and generates a flow. For example a pan on a hot plate. The water heated by conduction in the pan creates a flow with the colder water that is on top and transfers its energy.


3.Radiation is the transferred energy through electromagnetic waves. The radiations turn into convection in contact with a solid surface. Regardless of the temperature, a body emits a thermal radiation. This one is more or less intense depending this temperature. The responsible radiations of a temperature increase are the ultraviolet rays (UV), infrareds (IR), and visible rays.



These 3 principles are responsible for the heat transfer and thus for the escapes of these towards the outside.


Our coating TC Ceramic enables to reflect the energy radiation of every body. Indeed, TC Ceramic is composed of a single component acrylic base mixed with ceramic balls and micro hollow glass balls creating a thermal coating. Thanks to its low thermal conductivity and a high reflexion power of the energy ray, TC Ceramic ameliorates the thermal insulation of the surface it totally recovers.






Its efficiency is approved by the practical application of our product by many known customers. (List can be communicated on demand)






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