FINA OIL AND CHEMICAL COMPANY -“Once it is applied on our heated tanks, it keeps the brut oil at a constant temperature, which avoids loading problems due to the thickening of the brut.” 


EXXON CORPORATION–“We have reduced the pipeline temperature on a well of more than 55°C. Until then, the extreme temperature of this well had defeated other insulations. The ceramic coating continues to provide a good insulation.”


SHELL WESTERN-“Reduced the temperature of our office of 20°C and decreased the very concentrated temperature of one wellhead of 100 °C.”


ARIZONA BUS SALES -"After coating the roof of our first 40-foot transit coach with TC Industrial Ceramic, the interior roof temperature dropped 15 degrees from one day to the next. In a side by side test of two coaches with one roof coated with TC Industrial Ceramic and one roof with white paint, the inside ceiling temperatures were 58°C Vs. 48°C. The TC Ceramic roof was 10°C degrees cooler. This was in May before our extreme summer heat. We are also coating the underside of transit coaches because of extreme floor heat from road surfaces."


AMERICAN REFRIGERATION & ICE-“We covered the roof top of a delivery truck and that turned down the point of fusion temperature to a constant temperature of 11°C, eliminating the condensation and the loss of some ice bags.”


DANVILLE DISTRIBUTORS (BUDWEISER BEER)-“After that the refrigerated semi-trailer has been coated, we lowered the temperature until 1°C and let it all night long, fridge stopped. In spite of the hot and humid night, the morning temperature was only 4.4°C.”


AUBURN UNIVERSITY-chemical engineering department-“By applying 2 coats of the TC Ceramic on a fuel tank, we succeeded to maintain the fuel temperature at 77°C for almost 12 hours. The initial temperature was 82°C and the outside temperature was between -1 and 16°C. We were glad of the results.”


CANADIAN OIL REFINERY- "We coated a 232°C degree pipe with 5mm of product and reduce the surface temperature to 82°C degrees. Due to its location inside a building, this lowered the building temperature considerably and reduced the noise inside the building dramatically."


ATLANTA GAS LIGHT COMPANY-“Since we coated our roof with your ceramic coating, we haven’t had any water infiltration and we have reduced significantly our air conditioning costs. It is a really wonderful product, which keeps its promises.


CORPUS CHRISTI ARMY DEPOT (CCAD)-“Since the TC Ceramic was applied, we haven’t had any roof leakage and our air conditioning only works now intermittently. Before the treatment it had to work all the time and we weren’t even satisfied.


BUDWEISER HAWAII-“We coated the south and west walls, as well as the rooftop with the TC Ceramic last January. Even in January, it helped to lower the temperature of 11 to 8°C. In summer, this will even be more impressive.


CAPITAL STUDIOS-“We used 40 mil of TC Industrial Ceramic on the walls and ceiling of a new sound production room. It cut the acoustical noise dramatically so as to not have a sound "ping." The only problem now is that the room is too cold as the air conditioner thermostat is in an adjacent room that is not insulated with TC industrial Ceramic, thus is warmer.”


ARIZONA SCHOOL DISTRICT-“Coating the roof of one of our metal buildings with TC Industrial Ceramic dropped the under roof temperature of 22°C.

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